Hello. My name is Stephanie Johnstone and I'm a Designer, Illustrator and Animator..


with a range of experience bringing ideas to life across television, web and mobile.

Direction / Motion Graphics / Illustration

Information video for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere.

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Forests On The Way There
Animation Direction

Animated a music video that changes depending on what time of day it's viewed for musician Tom Rosenthal.
A webpage was built that uses geolocation to determine whether it's daytime or nighttime,
feeding the viewer an appropriate video. Visit the site here.
Watch the day version here.
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop.

Lost My Name
Video Production / Animation

Ongoing design, creative and video production for editorial marketing channels at Lost My Name.
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop.

Maths Run
Game Design / UX / Animation

A location-based Maths game prototyped with Animade.
Role: Direction, Animation.
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Cocos2D.

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Animation / Direction

Light meets Dark. A team effort from the Animade studio.
Tools: Adobe After Effects.

BBC Bitesize

Animated content for BBC Bitesize Revision under direction from Kilogramme Studio.
Tools: Adobe Flash.

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Nestlé: Gluten Curious

Animated scenes for Nestlé Gluten-Free Corn Flake campaign under direction from Kilogramme Studio.
Tools: Adobe Flash.

The School of Life
Direction / Animation

Animations for Alain de Botton's YouTube Channel 'The School of Life'.
Tools: Adobe After Effects.

Vine: How To
Stop - Motion Animation

'How To' is a side project featuring animated gifs I make using Vine,
totalling 2 million views on the Vine app.
See more here.

The Encyclopedia
of Aquatic Affairs
UX/Animation Direction

An animated mobile app created in conjunction with short film ‘A Tale of Aquatic Affairs’
and developed in collaboration with Nexus Productions .

Semifinalist: Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014

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Download from the App Store

Download from Google Play

A Tale of Aquatic Affairs Trailer

Official Selection:
Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival
Tricky Women Animation Festival, Vienna

Walk the Walk
Design / Animation

A run cycle loop commissioned by Purpose for the NYC People’s Climate March. Made with Animade.
Tools: Adobe After Effects.

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Games People Play
Animation Direction

Featured in : Show Me The Animation, IndieAnimator, DigitalCanvas, The Absolute Mag.

"I just really love the characters featured here, and how they interact with each other. The animation is structured around the game of snakes and ladders but the story is about society and class struggle, deception and indulgence. The Quentin Blake inspired drawing style is captivating, especially to any of us Roald Dahl fans."
-Digital Canvas, 2014

Stop-Motion Animation

Handmade animation screened at Patrick Heide Gallery and Mint for London Design Festival 2012.
Tools: Dragon Stop-Frame.

Channel 4 Random Acts
Design / Animation Direction

A 12foot6 Production in association with Lupus Films for Channel 4.
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Flash.


I'm a cross-discipline Digital Designer, Animator and Illustrator living in London, United Kingdom. Currently working at Lost My Name.

Feel free to say hello.
+44 (0) 79 6124 4012